Lorry cranes and mobile cranes

Give Sværgods offers support for tasks requiring lorry cranes and mobile cranes.

All crane tasks are handled by our experienced and competent crane operators.

The crane vehicles are designed to handle tasks from construction units with two winches and large-range tasks. Our lorry cranes have a capacity from 60 to 165 metric tons.

In terms of mobile cranes, we cooperate with our partners on handling both small and extremely big tasks.

Please feel free to contact us, if you need a lorry crane or mobile crane.

Please call us at +45 76 70 15 00 for more information

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Based on several years of experience, we have specialised within a number of fields, which today represent independent business units.

For customers within e. g. industry and agriculture, we offer heavy haulage transportation, crane work, boat transportation, NH3 transportation and production of NH3 water - also referred to as ammonium hydroxide - and we further offer equipment rental.



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Hjortsvangen 26, 7323 Give

Phone.: +45 76 70 15 00

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