Give NH3 - ammonia distribution

Give NH3 is leading within transportation and storage of ammonia in Denmark.

We own and run the only ammonia terminal in Denmark and the biggest ammonia distribution centre in the Nordic countries. With our latest extension to the terminal, we are equipped to solve any task regarding distribution of ammonia for modern agriculture and industry.

Ammonia for agriculture and industry

Give Sværgods started transporting ammonia for agriculture in the 1960s, where it was used as nitrate fertiliser. Ammonia has many fertiliser advantages, resulting in increased yields and it does not wash out like other fertiliser types.

Today, we also deliver ammonia and ammonium hydroxide to industrial customers and CHP plants in Denmarkon behalf of Yara Chemicals. Ammonia and ammonium hydroxide are used for the production process or for purification of production fumes. ​

Give NH3 has gained vast experience within the field of ammonia handling. Transportation and storage of ammonia requires great care, planning and finally delivery reliability for customers, depending on timely delivery for production purposes. We further handle supervision of the local tanks of our customers. 

ISO certified company

Give NH3 is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.

Please feel free to contact Finn Hansen at +45 40 10 20 93 or Morten Rafn at +45 60 10 79 22.

Need help?

​Call usat +45 76 70 15 00 or send us an email on the form below. We will return as soon as possible.

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Based on several years of experience, we have specialised within a number of fields, which today represent independent business units.

For customers within e. g. industry and agriculture, we offer heavy haulage transportation, crane work, boat transportation, NH3 transportation and production of NH3 water - also referred to as ammonium hydroxide - and we further offer equipment rental.



CVR: 31886120

Hjortsvangen 26, 7323 Give

Phone.: +45 76 70 15 00

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