Ammonia as fertiliser

Liquid ammonia has been used as nitrogenous fertiliser in Denmark since the 1950s.

The use reached a high in the 1970’s with 170,000 tons a year. Today, ammonia is not used as much as direct fertiliser, since wash-out is optimal in black soil and many farmers grow winter crops on their fields. However, there is an increasing interest for liquid ammonia as fertiliser.

Liquid ammonia as nitrogenous fertiliser is ideal, since it prevents wash-out. It is immediately transformed into non-volatile ammonium nitrogen upon contact with moist soil. Because ammonia is a base, it will indirectly inhibit the bacteria, which convert the ammonium to nitrate nitrogen, meaning that it will take longer for bacteria to transform the ammonium nitrogen into nitrate nitrogen, which can be washed out to the soil.

Ammonia is washed out to the soil with a special machine, injecting ammonia 10-15cm deep and the fertiliser works instantly, just where the root network starts.

Ammonia is useful for crops with a slow nitrogen release such as corn, turnips, potatoes and different grain types as well as in sandy soils that easily wash out. Ammonia releases nitrogen throughout the season, enabling the crops to fertilise optimally. The effect of the fertiliser does not depend on temperature or rain, making it especially advantageous during dry periods.

Ammonia is washed out to the edge of the field, resulting in optimal utilisation and less wastage, since you avoid fertilising across balks and ditches.

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